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My dear friends, we all are going through a tough time in 2020 because of COVID19 Pandemic and I hope you all are safe! During this time I got lots of time to prepare yummy and healthy dishes which I am definitely putting here in few upcoming days.

Let them breath too!

I am sure if you are an Indian, you have lots of silk sarees in your cupboard which aren’t unfolded for a long time. So it’s the right time to do that. If you don’t have sarees but the fancy stuff like gowns, then also you can try this out!

When and how to stop Breastfeeding?

There is nothing wrong or right about this but it totally depends on the individual about when you want to stop breastfeeding. I am going to guide you from my own experience of understanding the right time for it.

Breastfeeding! – 1

It’s been almost 18 months now; My little baby is born. She was delivered through C- Section. That is the life changing moment for every woman.

Mushroom Egg Bhurji

Mushroom is my all-time fav food and Bhurji (scrambled egg with some spices) is my husband’s fav. So I thought to do this dish and it turned out best. So sharing the recipe here.

How to get passport of my infant?

This blog post is guidance for getting an Indian passport for your infant. If you search on Google, you will find a number of resources saying a lot of document you need to carry but trust me you don’t need anything other than a passport of you and birth certificate of him/her.

Baby is crying? All you need to know!

When my baby was two months old, she used to cry the whole night, literally the whole night. That is the time when you realize motherhood is not an easy job! (You realize it every moment no doubt 😉 )

Homemade Cerelac – Nutritious instant babyfood powder

Once your baby completes six months, the very first milestone, you can start giving her/him other food than milk. We have many options available in the market for instant food. But they have preservatives and hence it’s always best to go for home made food.

Journey towards motherhood..

It was a 10th day and I was still waiting for my menstruation cycle. But somewhere back in mind I was hoping for a good news because I could never imagine someone who would be combination of two of us. I did my pregnancy test and yes it was positive!!! I was happy as well…